The 7th International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (ICSM) 2019

The 7th International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturin

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The 7th International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturin

Smart technology is key to improving productivity, quality and flexibility. These are the long-term goals of implementing the new development and continuing the further development of production technology. Digitization and intelligent factory networking will also drive the development of new capabilities such as process monitoring or predictive maintenance, complementing autonomous machine learning based on intelligent data and data analysis. This lays the foundation for new business models, such as platform economy, and improves the efficiency of customers and suppliers.

In addition, with the driving of the Industry 4.0, the boundary between the real machine world and the virtual industrial Internet world is increasingly indistinct, driving industrial production to a more advanced, digital, networking and intelligent manufacturing mode. In-depth integration of machines (including machine tools and robots), production, operation maintenance and network will become a key field for AI to give full play to innovation. It promotes leap from the traditional manufacturing to the intelligent manufacturing and a new generation of intelligent manufacturing, promoting the changes “from big to strong” for the manufacturing industry in China.

Vogel Business Media will continue to cooperate with Anting Town government to hold the 2019 (the 7th) International Sustainable Manufacturing Meeting in Ruili Hotel of Shanghai International Automobile City on Oct. 25, 2019. Discussion about the hot topic of “Smart Technologies Driving Tomorrw’s Production” will be conducted at the forum, and domestic and overseas experts are invited to give lectures, including famous experts and scholars with abundant experience in solutions of “Industry 4.0”, principals of leading intelligent manufacturing enterprises and owners of related users, with lecture contents about advanced manufacturing technologies, schemes and engineering, including all links from design to finished products. The implementation of intelligent factories and intelligent manufacturing with the contributions made by AI will be the emphasis at the meeting.

In-depth discussion will be made on practical application cases of intelligent manufacturing such as automobiles, aerospace and intelligent manufacturing at the forum, so as to solve problems of high cost and low efficiency during production for manufacturing enterprises in China, to seek for solutions for rapid transformation, updating and intelligent manufacturing.