Haimen fenglong stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment co., LTD.

Haimen fenglong stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment co.

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Haimen fenglong stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment co.


Haimen fenglong stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment co., LTD. Is a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment, GMP production workshop facilities series products, enjoys a high reputation in China. The company has first-class technical personnel and advanced production and processing equipment. The main production of five series of products: first, pharmaceutical machinery; Second, stainless steel material bucket; Three, stainless steel clean doors and Windows; Non-standard stainless steel products; Drug packaging materials. A total of hundreds of products, a variety of complete.

Our company produces the series products, is deep user consistent high praise, especially some famous foreign or sino-foreign joint venture pharmaceutical companies such as: sino-american Shanghai squibb co., LTD., Shanghai Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical co., LTD., Shanghai roche pharmaceuticals co., LTD., Shanghai schering pharmaceutical co., LTD., Shanghai card nu-lax coating technology co., LTD., suzhou Pfizer pharmaceutical co., LTD., suzhou lilly pharmaceutical co., LTD., suzhou novartis pharma technology co., LTD., suzhou capsule co., LTD., etc., of GMP transformation and supporting services is appreciated by foreign experts. At the same time my company's products are quite popular with the domestic pharmaceutical companies, such as: jiangsu zhengda pharmaceutical co., LTD., the weather is fine, he pharmaceutical co., LTD., jiangsu Yangtze river pharmaceutical group co., LTD., hangzhou minsheng pharmaceutical group co., LTD., zhejiang huahai pharmaceutical co., LTD., Beijing sihuan pharmaceutical co., LTD., Shanghai sym best way of pharmaceutical co., LTD., Shanghai XinYi balances pharmaceutical co., LTD., and so on dozens of pharmaceutical companies. Our company is a qualified GMP facility manufacturer.

Our company according to ISO9001:2000 quality management system requirements established a quality management system, implement the "customer satisfaction is the starting point and end-result of the company, all staff of continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit of" the quality policy, to show customers the company's quality management and quality commitment, and continuous improvement, constantly improve, the pursuit of excellence.