Hangzhou Data Test Technical Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Data Test Technical Co.,Ltd

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Hangzhou Data Test Technical Co.,Ltd


Hangzhou Data Test Technical Co. Ltd is located in Hangzhou West Lake Science and Technology Park. It has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of temperature, humidity and pressure recording instruments and measurement and verification instruments for many years.

Professional temperature and humidity monitoring equipment: one-time temperature recorder, temperature and humidity recorder, temperature and humidity monitoring system, GPRS wireless temperature and humidity monitor; Temperature and humidity verification equipment: wireless temperature and humidity pressure verification system, wireless temperature probe, wireless pressure probe and wireless temperature and humidity probe.

Provide more complete and excellent data measuring instruments and solutions for cold chain logistics, food and drug, biological products, special warehousing, electronic chemicals, health care systems, server rooms and scientific research laboratories.

Taking "quality first, service-oriented" as the concept

Based on customer requirements, we provide a variety of customized products and services for our customers.

The company has an innovative and fast team, adheres to sustainable development, constantly develops and innovates, and is proactive. It always pays attention to advanced technologies and instruments in relevant industries at home and abroad, and timely launches products suitable for customers in various industries to provide ideal products. Excellent service.