Zou Yong, Independent Consultant, CB Consultant (Beijing) Ltd.

Zou Yong, Independent Consultant, CB Consultant (Beijing) Lt

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Zou Yong, Independent Consultant, CB Consultant (Beijing) Lt


Zou Yong, Independent Consultant, CB Consultant (Beijing) Ltd.


Mr. ZOU graduated from the department of chemistry of Peking University and went to the National University of Singapore for his master's degree. Mr. ZOU has nearly 20 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, successively engaged in R&D, production management and quality management, including different areas such as chemical drugs, Chinese TraditionalDrugs, biological products and cell therapy. Hehave led the company to pass a series of international certifications such as WHO PQ.NowMr. ZOUis mainly engaged in quality management consultation for pharmaceutical companies, including GMP, quality management system, quality risk management, qualification and validation, international GMP certification, quality management tools (deviation, CAPA, change, etc.), single-use system, vaccine production, etc.

Since 2017, he has been employed as a GMP consultant by Beijing NMPA.