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current position:special project>>Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum 2012

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>>Expense for audience

Expense for audience

作者: 文章来源:  点击数:1501  发布时间:2012-05-25

Expense for audience:RMB 3,500 yuan/person(excluding travel expense and accommodation expense)

Participants can get access to:① one proceedings of Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum 2012;②full set of data concerning this Forum;③lunch/dinner for this Forum;④full-year issues of 2012 PROCESS magazine (Chinese Version, special issue on pharmaceutical industry);⑤ one souvenir of this Forum

Readers of PROCESS magazine can enjoy the following special offers(application time is based on remittance voucher):

Application time Prior to June 1, 2012 June 1, 2012 – June 27, 2012
1 participant RMB 3300/person RMB 3500/person
2 participants RMB 3000/person RMB 3200/person
3(more)participants RMB 2800/person RMB 3000/person
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