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current position:special project>>Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum 2012

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>>Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum

Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum

作者: 文章来源:  点击数:2029  发布时间:2012-05-24

Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum organized by PROCESS magazine under German Vogel Industry Media has been successfully held for three times and is co-organized by Tasly Group and Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. This Forum pools together forces from PROCESS magazine (German, English, Indian versions) worldwide and combines multiple themes with sub-forums as well as seeks professional academic atmosphere giving prominence to key points and specifying clear-cut themes.

Technical experts from government supervisory body, global top pharmaceutical engineering companies, general managers, factory directors, engineering directors, project managers, quality directors of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical design institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturing solution providers will be invited to attend this Forum for engaging in exchange. It will start with specific production demand from industries and is designed to explore international advanced philosophy of pharmaceutical engineering and share application cases concerning domestic and foreign current latest core process technologies and equipments for increasing overall level of domestic pharmaceutical industry and enhancing international technical exchange.

This Forum will capture the most watched topics among domestic pharmaceutical factories such as construction of factory building, project design and validation, process development and quality management for interactive discussions between speakers and audiences with respect to provide one harmonious, open platform for in-depth, extensive exchange in the industry.

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