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current position:special project>>Vogel International Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum 2012

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作者: 文章来源:  点击数:1576  发布时间:2012-05-16

Basic Info.

Name: Guan Lei

Gender: Male

Education: Harbin Institute of Technology Electrical Engineering and Automation Master

Awards: 3000KW Marine Engine Development of High Voltage First Prize of Science and Technology

Member of Shanghai Shipbuilding Engineering Society

Publications: 《Study on magnetic field and electric current controlled opening switches based on high temperature superconductor》,《Ship Engineering》

《Review of Nonthermal plasma reactors and its electric field analysis》,《High Voltage Apparatus》

Working introduction:

Responsible for business development of HMI, Junction Boxes and Purge in Systems and Solutions team of P+F

Project introduction:

Hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai Expo for new energy bus

North China Pharmaceutical new cephalosporin production base project

Qilu-Antibioticos Phase II project

Electric Control Systems for Surface-Mounted BOP Stacks Structure in oil well

BMW Brilliance Weld Gun Test Stand

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