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作者: 文章来源:  点击数:5106  发布时间:2012-03-20


迈康能够提供完整IBC系统方案,从单一设备部件到完整的粉体处理交钥匙工程;从概念形成、测试、设计到生产、安装、培训一整套服务。 迈康的工艺方案对于帮助现代化的工厂实现精益生产(Lean Manufacturing)有丰富的经验。




随着 大量的产品开发和新产品的革命,迈康的一系列的解决方案,是超越任何您过去可能知道。Matcon的现在为粉体加工工业提供的核心是交钥匙“模块”的制定,混合和包装。所有的这些模块主要集中在快速变化的产品,卫生,简单的安装和操作方便的控制。我们的客户得到的效果将是更高质量的产品和更好地利用人力资源。




Matcon specialize in providing solutions for handling and processing powders, granules, tablets and other materials in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

We have the capability to provide total IBC solutions, from single component level through to complete turnkey powder handling solutions; from concept development, testing and design through to manufacture, installation and training. Matcon Lean Manufacturing solutions bring outstanding value and experiences to a modern plant.please find below a brief summary, which explains why we believe it would be mutually beneficial to talk further.

The powder industry faces unique challenges, which can make these goals more difficult to achieve. In particular, there is a demand to make smaller amounts of a wider array of products. In this environment, traditional processing solutions can be inefficient and wasteful.

Our company, Matcon, provides systems based around portable containers (IBCs) for batch powder processes, throughout various sectors of the food industry where efficiency and flexibility is required to cope with today’s challenges. Clients implement our technology to improve quality, minimize lost product yield and reduce labour, as well as maintaining flexibility for future growth and expansion.

With substantial product development and revolutionary new offerings, the Matcon range of solutions is beyond anything you may know of us from the past. The core of what Matcon now offers the food industry is turnkey “modules” for formulation, mixing and packing. All of these modules have key focuses on fast product change over, hygiene, simple installation and operator-friendly controls. The results for our clients are higher quality products and better use of manpower.

We would welcome the opportunity to the present the business reasoning and technical merits for implementing a Matcon IBC system to you and your colleagues. We firmly believe that we can help you maximize production efficiency and reduce operating costs. We also believe that you will find this to be a worthwhile investment of time.

I will contact you in the next few days to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit; in the meantime, please find a link to a recently published article on the subject I trust you will find of interest:

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